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Someone jumped to their death earlier tonight from a high floor in a building a couple of blocks from where I live. Matt heard about it from a tweet while we were driving home from the store. We passed by where it happened. There were cleanup crews. I didn’t see much of it since I was driving, but the whole thing is of course very sad.

It would not ordinarily have been particularly remarkable (what an odd thing to say about someone taking their own life, especially in such a dramatic way). However, Matt and I are familiar with the building where it happened. It’s a development called 1010 Midtown, and we are currently saving up to buy a condo there in a few years. It’s a rather upscale building, and I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone who lives (lived?) there would want to end it all. I’ve been suicidal before, so I know it doesn’t necessarily have to make sense to an outside observer. But it’s just so strange to me that someone who lived in the place I see as my key to ultimate happiness was so unhappy that he had to end it all.

It just makes me sad.

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